Tuesday 1 April 2014

Around Karmøy Island

The sky over Karmøy
My last walk around the beauty of Norway ... Karmøy Island is one of the most western points of Norway. It is located just south of Haugesund and about 70 km north of Stavanger. The island has two cities - Kopervik and Skudeneshavn, and also 4-5 villages. Amazing landscapes that left me speechless and even make it unreal to imagine how they'd look when all around is blue-green.

After a quick breakfast on the next morning (after we arrived from Bergen) we wended to the West side of the island, it was Friday and the road was not busy at all and only few cars passed along our way. Our first stop was Akrasanden Beach, about 8 km south of Kopervik. I really enjoyed the sandy bay with the winter sun that was peeking through the clouds. In summer time it gets up to 25 degrees (rarely) which is unacceptable for me for sunbathing but people here love that time of the year and enjoy it with pleasure. I'm sure I'd be happy to relax under the summer sun, even without entering the water.  

Little after Akrasanden we stopped at Ferkingstad - a real fishing village. The typical red and white houses as well as many boats were almost deserted because of the season. Summertime it gets more lividly when the fishermen move with their whole families as fishing is the main occupation in the village. Ferkingstad is also famous with the archaeology findings from the early Viking period. Even it has the name of King Ferking. 
And of course there were many birds completing the scenery.

We were driving south and my friend showed me the most beautiful beach around the island and one of his favorite places for relax and thinking Sandcesanden Beach. It was rocky, cold and windy but I have no words to explain the emotion I felt there on the cliffs - I guess it was freedom! Neither the wind, nor the coldness could make me feel any bad. If I had the chance I could go there frequently, same as him just to calm watching the beautiful sea and the rocks. 

The rocks of Sandcesanden

In a while we were at the south-est point of the island - Skudenshaven (so complicated names!). The city is the main port at Karmøy. An interesting fact is that few years ago it has won the award "Summer resort of Norway" and of course people were very proud.
As I already mention, the day was Friday but the city seemed to be sleeping. I guess that most of the people work in the biggest city in the area. 
We were looking for a place to have a coffee but we couldn't find. We saw only one restaurant that was working few hours a day...so strange. Probably in summer gets more vivid.
The weather was nice so we walked around the streets and the bridges crossing the channels. We visited a local supermarket to buy some food and we went on. By the way, I saw a poster for zumba fitness so I guess Skudenshaven is not so empty and there are people dancing zumba (which a love, btw).

Around the streets
...and the channels
The east side of the island
Our car walk finished with a stop at the east side of the island. It looked completely different from the rocky west side. It was greener, warmer and sunnier. On the other side of the water I could see the main land. There, between the island and the main land, people were out on their boats for sailing in the nice weather.
The day was almost gone and we went back home, it was my last day on the West Norwegian Coast. 

On the next day my friend drove me to Stavanger where I had to take the plane back to Oslo and on the following day fly back to Bulgaria. The road was passing through spectacular views. We even used a ferry and so drivers can also enjoy the landscape. 
I thank to all the people that made my trip happen and helped me to discover even a part of The Beautiful Norway, and especially to my friend who took me around the west coast.
Honestly, I'm in love with the nature of that country! 
Enjoy some more pictures here.

The way to Stavanger

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