Thursday, 20 January 2011

What to see in Frankfurt for 2 hours

In October 2010 we finally took our way to Nuremberg ,Germany. My best friend was getting married and she invited me to be her witness. It was really a worthy reason for visiting.

We flew to Frankfurt Hahn airport which is 120 km far from Frankfurt am Main. I have checked that there are regular buses from that airport to the main station in Frankfurt for 12 EUR per person. Then we found a train (ICE - the fastest trains in Germany) that would take us to Nuremberg for only 30 EUR both of us, that was a good deal! Our bus should have arrived in Frankfurt at 11.00 a.m. and we planned to take the train for Nuremberg at 12.00. But then my friend advised me to take the one at 2.00 p.m. because she couldn't pick us up before 4 p.m. and take a walk in Frankfurt. That was a great idea and we booked the late train. As usual I started to check where we could go and then I remembered that I knew somebody living there. I called Milena and she offered her help with pleasure.

The day came and at 11.00 a.m. we dropped off the bus at the central Frankfurt railway station. Milena was already there waiting for us. We went in the station building to leave our luggage, it costed us only 5 EUR for the 3 bags we had.

The twins of Deutshe bank
And our walk began.We were walking along Gutleutstrase blvd and in 10 min we reached the European bank. I didn't miss to take a picture with the EURO sign. There we turned left on Neue Meinzer str. This was already the business area. As you probably know, Frankfurt is famous with its skyscrapers and being the financial center of Germany. So going along that street you see skyscrapers everywhere until you reach the Old Opera House or Alte Oper (10 min) - nice old building that used to be an opera but now is working as a concert hall. After taking few pictures at the square in front of the Opera, we turned right and in 5 more min we were already at Zeil street - the central shopping street. (A tip - be sure that you wear a hat in autumn and winter because it is very windy and only after 30 min outside your ears would be freezing).

Alte Oper
Milena suggested to see the Old city first and then come back to walk along the street and look at some shops. So we proceeded to Altstadt (the old town) along Liebfraunenstrase and it took us about 10 min to reach Romerberg - the main square. I bet that in sunny weather all the cafes are full and it should be very enjoyable having a beer there. We crossed the square and went to Main just to admire the quiet river. Then we went back and entered the Frankfurt Cathedral - typical Gothic church where for 4 centuries German kings and emperors were crowned.After another 10-15 min hanging around we turned back to Zeil.
Zeil street
Inside My Zeil
We spent the other one hour in eating, walking along the street and going around the biggest trade center My Zeil. From its last floor you can sit and enjoy the street and people. It was already time to go and we hurried to the train station. We were there 15 before the train, just enough time to take our luggage and buy some water.

Thank you, Milena for being our guide even for 2 hours. We spent some pleasant time although it was rainy and windy. And definitely, we wouldn't have seen so much for the shortest time we had, without you.


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