Friday, 21 January 2011

Autumn in Nurnberg

As I started in my previous article I was invited to be a witness for my best friend's wedding in Nurnberg. And as this was(and still is) such an honor for me I was waiting this event with impatience.
Our flight was at 6 am from Sofia to Frankfurt Hahn,we moved to Frankfurt then for 2 hours and a half and at 2 p.m. we were already on the train for Nurnberg, comfortable and clean,compleately different from what we have seen in Eastern Europe.
Stefka was waiting for us and she brought us to her friend's place where we stayed the next 4 days. I'm not going to tell you all the nice moments we had together,you all know how wonderful it is to meet good friends and spend few days with them. The wedding was also great and althought I got ill I managed to meet my duties and have a great time.
River Pegnitz
In the next lines I'm showing you the places we've been and that deserve to be visited. The main destination is the Old town(Altstadt in German).You could not get lost easily but it's better to have a guide and knew some history.
We started from the Marriage Fountain that refers to the poem "Bitter-sweet Married Life" by Hans Sachs. He has described marriage from the first stages of a love through exhausting fights, and right to the death bed.
The Marriage Fountain

Wine garden
The we were walking along one of the main streets and we found ourselves on a wooden covered brigde(Hangman's bridge). After crossing the river and turning right we passed through a small square where in the past people came to trade with wine.
 Then our walk went on through St.Lawrance Cathedral and The Hispice of the Holly spirit.
The Hospice of Holly Spirit
In a while we were already at Hauptmarkt,the main square in Nurnberg. Around Christmas it becomes the most visited place.People come to the market to buy Lebkuchen(local cookies) ,Gluhwein(the typical German sweet hot wine) and to have fun. Well,in October they were selling only fruits but we stopped to take a cup Gluhwein.
After some rest we kept on walking and passed through the Beautiful Fountain. There are 2 rings - one for tourists and one for local people. Don't miss to turn the ring,it is said you'll be back again there.
Beautiful Fountain
On our way to Albrecht Durer's House( a famous poet lived at the end of 15 century ) we stopped in St.Sebald Church,that has been completely burried in the WWII.
In St.Sebald Church
 We arraived at Durer's house museum and entered to take a look around(I recommend it).
Durer's House
On the next day we started from the Hauptmarket,made a round again and went to the toy museum.It was lovely to remamber all the toys we have played as kids and to see how people in the past have enjoyed themselves when they were children.
Then we moved to the south part of the Old town and stopped to admire the Sclupture garden and then the Craft yard.
Sclupture garden
Craft yard
We took a long walk then to the north part of the Old town,passing this time through its modern part - the biggest IMAX cinema in Europe,through some beautiful gardens and the river.
Our aim was The Castle - the symbol of the city. The view from there is amazing.We spent there 2 hours till we decided it was time to go.
View from the Castle
That was my simple experience in that beautiful and historical city. Next time I will visit Nazi party former rally ground.
Oh,I forgot to tell you to taste the little Nurnberg wursts,they sell them everywhere around the city and are great solution for hungry people.

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