Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Traveler or tourist?

This question has been discussed a lot.Some people care about it others say they don't. Does it really matter? Let's see who is the traveler and who's the tourist and I'll try to give you some tips to turn into the other type if you don't like what you are...if it matters for you.
Topcapi palace in Istanbul
Some of the main differences between tourists and travelers

  • The word tourist comes from tour. Tourists mostly travel in guided groups,move together and are dependent on one another.Travelers journey mostly alone or with a friend so they do whatever they want.
  • Tourists trust on what the guide has told them,travelers trust on locals.
  • Tourists move very quickly from one sightseeing to another while travelers prefer to explore more.
  • “Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.”- Paul Theroux.
  • Tourists mainly trust on food they know and have tried, while travelers prefer to taste local food.
How to become a tourist from a traveler
A guided tour in London
  1. Throw away your old backpack especially if you're traveling in a civilized country.Buy a new suitcase on wheels so that you can feel comferteble while walking.
  2. Forget about the hostels.Probably you're tired of all the smell and unknown people you have to meet,you just wanna relax in a clean room,not disturbed by anybody.
  3. Trust on the familiar international food,consumed by fork and knife.
  4. Prepare more money. Like it or not,being in 4* hotels,drinking cocktails and having massages will cost you more. But hey - this is your vacation!
How to become a traveler from a tourist
What about sleeping in a tent?
  1. Book a hostel.You'll meet people from all over the    world in your room and you could exchange some interesting information about cultures.
  2. When preparing your lugguage don't take all your clothes,just the most necessary things(watch that video) but don't forget the towel - there won't be one in the hostel.
  3. You can visit the most attractive sightseeings but pay attantion on the little streets and corners.Make your journey "a journey of discovery",find out things you have never heard about.
  4. Meet locals.Learn some words on the local language,stop somebody and ask him/her for directions,believe me it works.And don't worry if people don't know English,ask them to draw you a map or something.
Writing and reasoning I made the conclusion for myself that it doesn't matter if you sleep in a hostel or a luxury hotel,if you eat only familiar food or you try local one. It all depends on you and how you would feel comfortable on your trip, jourey, travel, vacation, holiday - call it whatever you want. 
My aim is to learn more about local people,customes and culture,to be part of the place,its spirit and life.

What is the most important at all,and it applies all of us,is showing good maners and being respectful of other cultures.

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