Tuesday, 26 April 2011

10 tips for hiking in the mountain

The beauty of Rhodopi Mountain
Going around the mountains is a lovely hobby for many of us.Some people love it and could spend their lives in the hills. Others are also keen on that kind of trips but don't do it very frequently.And there is a big group of people(like me) that prefer going in summer.I thought that because in summer is hot we could afford not to have good equipment and of course every time I go in the mountain I  understand how wrong I have been. Here are some mistakes I have done so please don't follow them:
  1. Don't forget to take warm clothes.Even in the hottest time of the year it could be windy and cold.A hat is a must.
    Follow the tourist signs
    1. Another thing we should not overpass is having enough food.You could always get lost and it would be better if you are prepared. Also in the mountain you get more hungry than usual.
    2. The mountain is not the city.It is hot in the city but in the mountain it is still cold,the ground is cold and probably you can still find snow even if it is not very high. Be prepared with touristic shoes with rough grapple.
    3. Choose the best route for your journey,study it good and always pay attention at the tourist signs.Have a map.
    4. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen. Even in the winter the sun is strong and you could have your face burnt.
    5. Be careful in the fog

    6. It is never redundant to carry a raincoat.It won't be good to get wet if it rains.
    7. Get informed for the weather forecast.It's better not to take the trip if it has been snowing a day or two before your journey or if a dense fog is expected.
    8. Be careful if your journey would be in the hunting season and it's better not going around hunting areas.You don't want huners to think you're a wild boar,right?
    9. Wake up early and try to make your plan to end hiking in the mountain about 2 hours before it is getting dark.
    10. Don't go alone and always tell a friend where you're going.Someone should have a trace if needed.
    Mountain is beautiful but could be dangerous if we don't think of good preparation and adequate equipment.Enjoy it and respect it!