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The story continues - memories of North Myrtle Beach,SC

USA.SC.North Myrtle Beach.Work and Travel Program. 20 y.o. girl. Great experience.(Go to part I)

This is how the To-go menu looked like
In the next morning I jumped on my new bike and Vessi took me to the restaurant were I was supposed to work and spend the next few months. We were probably 15 people, the last training group of all 40-50 foreigners that had come to work there. The fisrt day they took us to obtain SSN which was totally needed to work in USA. The rest part of the day we spent in learning about Joe's Crab Shack (the restaurant's name, that was serving mainly seafood and of course - crabs). I'm not going to bother you with the training lessons anymore, even I don't remember much of them.

When we were done with the lessons I went to the bike stand and what a surprise - my bike was missing! Yes, there were 3-4 bikes at the stand but not mine. I couldn't believe it, I had spent $60 the previous day and now it was gone. I went back to the restaurant and told one of the managers. She called the Police and they came in few minutes. Maybe this is the time to say that I hadn't locked it - yes, I hadn't bought that locker and somebody had decided to take it. I knew it was my fault but how could I suppose it was possible to happen in America! Oh, yes, it was possible, and I'm glad I realise it in the beginning. The policeman was very kind to me, I wrote down my testimony and he even took me home by the Police car. He told me that it was almost impossible to find my bike as there were so many bikes like mine and it wasn't marked or had any signs. He promised to call me if there was anything new about it and he even offered me to come the next morning and take me to work. I didn't know what to say - was the Police always that kind in the USA or maybe he just saw a silly girl in need or probably he liked me? Anyway, the next morning he took me to the restaurant and I never saw him again.

The Police in NMB,SC, photo by: steve-stevespolicecarhobby.blogspot.com 
The next few days I was studing the menu, the rules of working and I was trying to know better my new colleagues. I also had a new bike (the same as my previous one but already with locker). Vessi met me with other Bulgarian guys that were already working in the restaurant - Donyo and Asya and also with some other people that were living on our street. All of them were from Eastern Europe and everybody had come to live the American dream for the summer.

Joe's Crab Shack used to be of Landry's group up to 2006 
A week passed and we had to start real working. The first thing our managers had to decide was who of us were going to work as waiters and who were about to take other duties in the restaurant. For that reason they made us work with the best waiters in the restaurant. I worked with Brandon. He seemed to be a nice guy and he was telling me different stories all the time. He was talking and talking and I was smiling and laughing all the time although in the beginning I didn't understand much of what he was saying( I had a good English but not so much and also American accent was totally new for me). At the end of the day I noticed that he was talking to one of the managers and later I saw my name in the waiter's schedule. Thanks to Brandon and my abilities of course (I had worked as a waitress in Bulgaria for 2 years till that moment) I was already a waitress in Joe's.

To be continued

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