Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pre-Christmas in Brasov II

The breathtaking view
After spending the previous day in Brasov it was time to go around its surroundings. On the next day we had an early fast breakfast, took our luggage and proceeded to Bran to see the popular Dracula's castle. Going out of the city I enjoyed one of the best pictures I've seen - we were in the fields, the sky was clear and blue, it was sunny and the snowy peaks of the mountain were right across us. I live close to the mountain but I rarely remember such a view!

In 15min we were already in Rasnov, a small town near Brasov. Before entering the town we saw a fortress on the hill above it and we decided to see what it is. We ended at a big parking where we bougth tickets for the wagon tractor that was about to take us to the top of the hill. Of course you can go on foot but we couldn't miss to ride in such machine. Soon we reached the fortress where we paid 15 lei/ person to enter. It is a medieval fortress and it has perfect location - view to 360 degrees. It's like a little town with streets and even there are souvenirs shops. You can also receive touristic information inside.

Romanias love to put signs, style "Holywood"
The strange vehicle
Around the fortress streets
Bran's Castle
Time was passing and soon we were on our way back to Bran. In the middle of the town there were parkings on both sides of the road saying: "Parking of the Castle" inviting you to stop and use their service. At least it was cheap - 2 lei/ hour. For the only 500 m we had to walk to the ticket booth, we passed through dozens of stands selling souvenirs, clothes, hats, wine, food, everything you wish. We didn't miss to warm up with hot vin fiert. And there is was - the Castle! To be honest I'm a little bit disappointed of it. Maybe after the castle of Peles I'll hardly love another castle so soon. But they're different - one is older, the other is more luxury and so on. Inside was interesting because of the many towers and stairs we climb, like a labyrinth. On the walls of the last 2 floors are written the legends of Vlad Tepes. The funny thing is that Vlad Tepes has never lived in that castle but this is the castle described in the famous novel by Bram Stoker - "Dracula". That's why it is so popular.
The yard of the Castle
There was no much snow unfortunately
When we went to Rasnov fortress we saw a sign to Poiana Brasov, the famous ski resort and on our way back we decided to visit it. It was only 10 km far from the city and soon were high in the mountain in the luxury resort. Most of the hotels were in Alpine style, some of them had beautiful lakes, others offered amazing gardens, even in the winter. Somehow, we entered in a restaurant (it didn't look like restaurant from outside but we followed a couple) and we were so surprised of the interior - the roof was low, the chairs were made of logs, covered with lambskin and there were musicians, playing Transylvanian music. Actually we were looking for the toilet but for few minutes we forgot why we were there!
One of the hotels
In the crazy restaurant
Last view to Brasov
In the late afternoon we were again in Brasov where we spent the rest of the day. It was hard to leave the main square so we had a chicken soup in one of the restaurants there. Then, we found our hotel and after a short rest we went out for dinner. I recommend restaurant Ceasu Rau, typical Romanian with nice atmosphere, really kind staff and good prices. It was so cold already but after dinner we visited club Times on Strada Rebuplicii where we run accross a band, playing alive clasical rock music. We couldn't have asked for more.

And that was it - the whole next day we spent in traveling home. It was short but so amazing and fun trip. I stay with warm feelings about this land Transylvania and people there.
Two years later, I had the chance to know more about Medias and Sighisoara but that in another article.