Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Green parks in Dusseldorf

The lake in front of Bentrath Palace
Two years ago was my first time in Dusseldorf due to a business trip and as usually I spent all my evenings outside, trying to explore more and more of the city. I discovered how beautiful it is and as I was told later - one of the most interesting and fascinating German cities. This year I also had the chance to spend one more week there, this time paying more attention on the streets and parks.

My first day started from Benrath Palace that consist of 3 main buildings (museums) and a huge park - garden with a lake. The museums are of European Garden History, Corps de Logis, and Museum of Natural History. I visited only the first one and I'm so sorry it was forbidden to take pictures inside as there were amazing exponents. It has 2 floors and shows paintings, models, sound effects, movies, sculptures and all you can imagine connected with the garden art. Unfortunately most of the information was in German so I hardly understood it. The weather was so warm and people were outside, enjoying the lovely flowers and grass in the park, where by the way you can see also some herbs and vegetables. Benrath Palace is situated in the southest part of the city and it's easily accessible by U74 or tram 701.
The garden behind it

The glass dome
After some circules around that area, I got on tram 701 and stopped at Sudpark to reach the Botanical garden. I had to ask few times about the directions as the station was a little bit far from the garden but I found it. Actually it's better take U79 or tram 707 to their last station. Anyway, I passed through the Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf and reached the Botanical Garden. Luckily, there was no entrance fee (probably because it was of the University) and I firstly entered the glass dome, where the climate was Mediterranean and are growing plants, brought from The Canaries, New Zeland, Australia and Asia. I felt as I was in a tropical forest. There is also a new house - orangery with plants from South Africa and a small garden, called Pharmacy Garden - probably some pharmacy herbs. I ended walking around the other plants in the garden with a cup of coffee. On my way back I saw the jazz tram - a touristic tram playing jazz music and going around the city. They told me that the ticket cost 14 EUR.

Burgplaz with the pianist
My sunny Sunday ended along Rhein park and Burgplatz in Altstad beside the river where there was a musician with a grand piano, playing nice classical music. People around were applauding after every song and a dog was barking in harmony with the them.

In the next 5 days I was working up to 6 pm but still had the chance to visit some other parks at sunset. The first one I passed through was Hofgarten, the most central and biggest in Dusseldorf. What made me the biggest impression was an alley with illuminated benches. Actually there were fluorescent lights in each edge of the bench and also it was keeping warm. Later I was told that there was some art project few years ago and they left the benches. Then I stopped near a lake with a lot of ducks in it and around its coast. When I got closer to take a picture of them, one of the ducks went against me, croaking. "Hey, ok, I'm going back..." and in that moment a rat passed just in front of me. Wondering what was that, another rat ran into the bushes. What a zoo!
The benches!

Japanese Cultural Eco-house
In my previous post about Dusseldorf, I told you also about Nordpark, the park that amazed me with its Japanese garden. I searched for some more information about the Japanese community in the city and I found out they have a Cultural Eco House at the west coast of Rhein in the nice area of Niederkassel (buses 833, 834 and close to U-bahn - U74, U76, U77). Curious to take a look around I went one early evening and of course it was closed. There were some announcements about concerts but with my luck they were for other days. At least I peeped through the fence and saw some parts of their beautiful garden. As I always say - next time!

My other free time was spent around the restaurants and bars but there is not so much to talk about them. Or I could write something is I got my memories back ;)

And as a final - my favorite view:

Rhein and the sunset

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