Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bergamo through Laska's eyes

This article is written by Laska,a friend of mine.

So unexpectedly I have stumbled upon the beauty of the old town … it left me breathless;
A city as especially made for a postcard – having everything – history, architecture, landscape views; the quietness of the small town, tranquility.

The morning sunshine was showering a very special light over the buildings and the squares.
I could hear the soft noise of the steps of the early risers going to that corner café, which they know very well; I could smell the aroma of a fresh baked pastry;

So much beauty and calmness concentrated  on this tiny space called "Città Alta"; the narrow cobblestone streets; the charming balconies and the flower covered staircases; the cafes surrounding the old squares; the small red “funiculare” reaching the  Castle; the really strange pink  cathedral situated at the Plaza Duomo;

I fell in love – just like that;

Bergamo’s "Città Alta" is a place for visiting with a loved one; it is a place for long afternoons of lovemaking and easy mornings of sipping coffee under the Italian sun;

I am writing this and still cannot recover my breath I am so much filled with admiration of what I have seen;

I am here waiting for the aero bus and the conversations of the people are covering me as a silk medieval dress, so soothing and calming.
The far away noise of coffee cups and glasses being handled, the sun beams coming from the  tree top above me and the gentle touch of the wind is adding to my sense of longing:

 – to stand up  and shout against the mountains….

a cry of joy expressing the ultimate pleasure of being here at this time;

I have never imagined that at the end of a self discovering trip I would be given such an overwhelming experience

Author : Laska Nenova, thanks for sharing

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