Monday, 30 May 2011

Easy tricks for cheap flights

Flying now could not be as expensive as it was years ago,especially over short distances. There are few things we could think about before booking a flight to make it cheaper.

When,where and how we have to book our flights? Many experts have done researches as Reak Seaney who says that "airlines know a lot about our buying habits" therefore not everything that is said in internet is true. What I have noticed from my experience and is almost always working:
A plane of Wizzair
  • Book as early as possible - well,don't do it an year ago because promotions show up on airlines' websites around 3-4 months before the flight. It is said that there is an eight-week rule,which means that booking 8 weeks earlier guarantees us the best price.As a mathematician I'm inclined to believe it as there is a formula created by two scientists that proves it.
  • Find out which are the lowcost airline companies that fly in your region and frequently check their websites for offers to different destinations.
  • Study when is the low season of the place you'd like to visit and try to go then. Flights woulsd be definitely cheaper as well as hotels too.
  • Make an experiment - check one destination for a week or two and see which time of the week you'll get lower price.I've heard about Tuesday afternoon but of course it is not a rule.Although it is true that booking on Wednesday is cheaper that booking on Friday. My experience says: weekdays evenings.
  • You will notice that flights on Saturday and in the middle of the week are usually cheaper. So when you plan a trip first book the flight and after that arrange your accomodation.
  • If you book a lowcost flight try to travel only with hand luggage because for other luggage you have to pay extra. Most airlines allow between 8 kg and 15 kg for the baggage on board (usually 10kg). There are many tricks to collect all your stuff in the suitcase - here is my favorite one. Put on your heaviest and most voluminous clothes when traveling and you can easily collect a 2 week luggage in one little bag.
  • Besides adding a luggage to your ticket lowcost airlines also offer priority boarding(not needed at all);insurance;car rentals;hotel bookings,etc. Just don't take advantage of that offers, you can find them much more cheaper if needed in other websites or/and agencies. 
I hope that information would work for you too. Actually there is another thing I practice sometimes - I choose a destination according to the cheapest flight I find. As still there are many places over the World I want to visit, I have a huge choice.
If you know some other tricks for better prices I'll be glad to read them in the comments.


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