Thursday, 16 June 2011

Where the Danube leaves Bulgaria

Exactly 375 km before the Danube flows into the Black sea the river is no longer a border between Bulgaria and Romania but it goes straight north into Romanian lands. There, on the right coast of the river is situated Silistra - an ancient Bulgarian city. 
Originating as a Thracian settlement later conquered by the Romans and survived as an important medieval Bulgarian fortress - ancient ruins, a Roman tomb with frescoes kept, fortress and museum keep the history of this region.And if you're interested in learning more about the city I have some recommendations for places to visit:

View to the city from the nearest hill
Medjidi tabia fortress
This is the most preserved fortress from the Turkish times. It has been an important part of the fortifying system of the city. It was built in 1841-1853 by 300 Bulgarians.In 1847 г. it was visited by sultan Abul Medjit who was really surprise and interested by the fortress and that's why it is named on him - Medjidi tabia. The fortress also takes part in the Krim war started in 1853 in Silistra.It is located at the Southern side of the city. Medjidi tabia is working every day only for one euro entrance fee.

Medjidi tabia fortress from outside
Historical museum
Of course there is no historical city without a historical museum. Inside you can enjoy an archeological exposition with valuable monuments that were found from different times - unique exponents from Roman period and a column of khan Omurtag. The museum is cituated in the center of the city but unfortunately it is not working on Sunday and Monday.

The art gallery
Some of the Roman remains and the Romanian coast on the left
Take a walk along the river in the beautiful park
Danube park is my favorite place in the city. It is a great decision to escape from the hot weather in summer. You can walk along its alleys or just sit and admire the Quiet White Danube.

Wooden train for kids

And the gorgeous river
When you finish with the city you can just leave it and go straight to the Beosphere Preserve of Sreberna.
The preserve spreads Srebarna lake and the territory around(18km west of Silistra). The most interesting plants there are water-lily, rush, reed, etc - more than 130 types, some of them endangered of disappearing. The bird world here in incredibly rich,there are such rare and worth kinds of birds – pelicans, stag of a fallow deer, herons, ibises, wild ducks and geese, etc. There could be seen also – otters, tortoises, lake crabs, etc. In the museum nearby you can enjoy watching the birds in details using the two telescopes. An echo path is going around the lake – a 2 days walk will be the best to see everything around although a day trip is also a good option.
There are regular buses from Silistra's bustation.

Srebarna lake

In the region
If you are looking for accomodation around,  I'd advise you to stay in some of the river villages. Of course choosing a hotel in Silistra is a good idea too but booking a room in guesthouse will touch you even more to the incredible nature around the Danube. My suggestion is for village Vetren, only 5 km far from Srebarna, on the river coast. Here is a list of few hotels and guesthouses and this is the house where we spent one night. The website is is Bulgarian but you'll easily find the pictures and contacts. You can go for a walk around the beautiful village and have a fresh fish even just besides the river. The village was so quiet and calm and it took me far away from the busy and dusty city to this little land of paradise.

Fishing boats at Vetren coast

Our guesthouse


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