Thursday, 14 July 2011

Living without thinking of anything

USA.SC.North Myrtle Beach.Work and Travel Program. 20 y.o. girl.Great experience.(The beginning)

Half of the summer was almost past. I already felt as I was at home with the only difference that I didn't have to think about any problems. Because I didn't have such. Because I was there to have fun and be happy. I just had to keep working but is was not hard at all as I liked my job. Every day we did something funny and enjoyable. As I worked from 5 pm to 11-12 pm, I had time to party after work and for the beach in the morning.

The bar, photo by:
The area I worked was called Barefoot Landing and it was full of cafes, restaurants and shops. There was a pub, close to our restaurant (Bully's pub and grill) and we used to visit it often. As I was only 20 they were not supposed to let me in but I tried with Vessy's ID and everything was great. Those guys were paying attention only to the age but not to the picture so that perfectly worked for me. There was a Jukebox inside and we always listened to the music we wanted. I remember one night, we were a big group and I tried the popular "cocktail" - dark beer and a shot inside. And the drink had to be drunk without stopping for taking a breath. It was strange but not bad, only that we got drunk very quickly. Well, I'm not very proud but we were young and we had to try everything. The evening ended wonderful, partying in a motel's swimming pool. It was good they didn't catch us, as only one of the girls was living there and it was forbidden for other people.

Another thing we loved was the beach. We lived only one block far from the ocean and there wasn't almost a day without visiting the beach at least onece a day. Coffee in the morning - at the beach, beer at noon time - at the beach, a nap afternoon - at the beach, volleyball or just hanging out in the evening - at the beach. We even tried night swimming. The water was not cold but to be honest I was afraid of sharks. I'm not sure if there were sharks really but people were talking and the guys were frightening me, that's why I pluck up courage for a night swimming only once.
We also liked to climb on a hotel's roof watching the ocean and enjoying the view in the evening. It was amazing - the lights, the water, the wind and the nice conversations.

Some beach photos made by Jacek:

The view from the roof
Myrtle Beach and the area was a popular golf region and there were golf courses everywhere. I don't know how but one night the guys showed up with 2 golf carts. Without asking too much few people jumped on the cars and we started racing(of course in the golf course not on the streets). It was so much fun.

And once, we were at a party where we drank beer directly from the beer keg... And I also remember that Hawaiian party...

To be continued

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