Thursday, 28 July 2011

The "upgrade" at home

USA.SC.North Myrtle Beach.Work and Travel Program. 20 y.o. girl.Great experience.(The beginning)

We lived in absolutely empty apartment. We had only kitchen equipment but nothing more. Everybody was sleeping on air beds, in sleeping begs or whatever he/she found. We also found two armchairs and we put them on the veranda. But we were lucky and soon we had some new stuff at home.

Do you remember Darnell, the guy that took me to the hospital after the bike crash? Few days after that incident Darnell, his wife and their two little kids came to the restaurant. I was so happy that he accepted my invitation and arranged a dinner for of them. It was funny cause I told the manager that I want to use my 50% discount and he said: "OK, just let me know" when they fare done with their meals". After an hour I looked for him but I didn't find him so I talked to another manager and he finished the order as I asked him. When the first manager came back he said: "Why didn't you wait for me, I could have made you manager discount - 100%?". First I was disappointed but then I realized that this is how things had to happen. The point was that Darnell came and I could thank him.
Paulina, Victoria and me

He started to come over our house. Soon he knew almost all my roommates. We were organizing BBQs, he once took us to dinner, all of us! As he was working in a telecommunication company he offered us a telephone. We were happy, it was not necessary to go to the street phones anymore. One day Darnell came with a washing machine and computer. I was so surprised and didn't know what to say. He said: "Don't worry, I don't use them and you need them". Me and Paulina( a Polish girl) became more closer with him and we frequently were together for walks and shopping for example. He treated us as he treated his kids. We enjoyed taking care of them. The elder sister, Victoria Santana, was so cute 5-6 y.o. girl and her brother was also amazing 2 y.o. boy. When we were alone with them they were driving us crazy but in the good sense.

Everything was fine until some of the Belarusian girls decide  to go home. We checked the bills for the telephone and the Internet and we were surprised to see the bill that was like $1000! What have happened - most of the girls has talked to their friends and family in Belarus, UK, Germany without using prepayed cards as Darnell warned us in the beginning. The Internet in 2003 was not as cheap as it is now. We used some Dial-up connection and we had to pay for it 300 bugs. We mainly used the PC 5-6 people and I agreed to pay about 100 although we had to split it on equal parts. But the telephone I used only with cards. Until we knew the exact amount some of the girls left, others said that they had never made that bills and they collect only 30-40 dollars each. So finally we collected to more than $500. It was so embarrassing. Darnell was very offended, he took his stuff and we never saw him again.
Don't make a phone call unless you're ready to pay for it. Photo by:
I met him, I took him home, he tried to please everybody and what happened - we thanked him like that. I couldn't pay for the others and I hope that he has forgiven me.
Everything on this World in comming back, now I am lied of a person that was very close to when you do something just think about the consequencies.

To be continued

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