Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Meeting Ryan

USA.SC.North Myrtle Beach.Work and Travel Program.20 y.o. girl.Great experience.(The beginning)

It was a lovely afternoon in August and I was sitting outside at the veranda with few of my roommates. I was looking around and suddenly I noticed that in the house in front of ours there is one guy around the pool ( there was a denivelation and we perfectly could see the yard). He also noticed us and smiled. We waved in response. On the next day we saw him passing by our house and we told him to come. That was Ryan. He was our age, tall and curly hair. He told us he was taking care of his uncle's beach houses. His uncle owned 4-5 properties and if one of them was available Ryan went there, cleaned the house and the yard. He invited us to come over some day and of course we accepted the invitation.
behind the house, photo by
We didn't have to wait too much and on the next day some of us went to say hi. We stayed by the pool and chatted. We started to visit him frequently - the house was really big with few bedrooms, great kitchen and a pool. One day we decided to make a party there by the pool and I was in charge to cook something. One of the easiest things I knew was chicken with potatoes. But the the potatoes are cooked together with the chicken in a tray with oil, water and spices. Ryan was surprised of the way I made it but later he even asked for more. With that party we started the new party wave.

In the jacuzzi, photo by:
Two weeks later Ryan moved to another house that was a little bit further than ours but still on walking distance. There we enjoyed a jacuzzi. It was closer to the beach and we often moved from the house to the beach. We were swimming, laughing, playing games and Ryan often prepared us margaritas in the jacuzzi. It was like a dream for me. That was when I heard about the beer pong game. And as I love beer it soon became one of my favorite summer games. I remember once Ryan even took us to his family house. He had little sisters and brothers, so cute and funny guys.
The next week he moved again to the house behind us. Ryan was so happy that he had found people his age and we were together all the time - at our apartament, at the beach or at some of his uncle's houses. One morning I woke up, everybody was still sleeping in the house and I found Ryan on the floor, snoring. I tried to wake him up and make him go home on a comfortable bed but no success - he just wanted to be with us where the party was.

Ryan became a good friend, not only for partying but he shared everything he had. He often was giving me a ride to work and I almost forgot what was riding a bike (I was so happy about that). We could easily talk about many things. I'm glad I met an interesting and funny person.
We've lost connection for few years so Ryan, if you happen to read this please contact me, I'll be very happy.

To be continued

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