Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Few days in Alexandria, VA and Washington DC

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Vessy and I had so many plans about our one week holiday before we go home back to Bulgaria. We thought of going to Grand Canyon and/ or Niagara Falls and travel through the states. Our plan failed because of the lack of enough money and time but luckily we still had the offer to visit our friend in Washington DC and I don't regret at all.

The Old Town of Alexandria, photo by
Our friend Annie was actually living in Alexandria, a beautiful town in Virginia, at the border with DC. We spent two days walking around its streets. The Old Town reminded me of Europe. For the first time of my stay in USA I found a place so familiar to me, the architecture of the buildings looked like ones in old European cities. King street is the main street where are located a lot of shops and restaurants. The street goes to the dock of Potomac River. There you could enjoy amazing views of the water and the coast on the other side.
You can even hire a Water Taxi or dine in a luxury ship. Alexandria is also easily connected to Washington, the yellow metro line goes straight from King Street station to the dowtown in DC and even passes through Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (the town is only 5 km far from the airport). Alexandria seems an ideal place for living in the center of the Universe and in the same time far from the craziness of the District.
The Washington Monument

The next day we went out of Alexandria to visit the emblematic Washington. The first thing that impressed me was in the metro - it was really deep down the ground. We went out at Mc Pherson Square Metro Station and soon we found ourselves in front of The White House - the building that I had seen so many times on TV and on pictures, now it was standing in front of me with all its greatness. Of course it was not accessable from too close and I could admire it from the other side of the fence. We went on walking through beautiful parks and gardens and soon we reached The World War II Memorial and Lyncoln Memorial. In The National Mall (the area all around) near the river Potomac are also located lots of monuments dedicated to the memory of presidents and soldiers, participated in different wars. It is amazing how Americans cherish their great personalities.

Then passing through The Washington Monument and all the museums around, walking down the wide green alley, we reached The Capitol. We sat there, besides the lake and took a sandwich - hey, I was having a lunch where some of the most important decisions for the USA and the World are taken! Our walk continued through the FBI building and also we stopped in front of The Old Post Office, where there is a free elevator to the top of the tower. We finished our tour in one trade center near the Archives Metro Station where we took the metro back to Alexandria. Although it was only one day so long ago I will remember it for ever.
The Whire House
The Capitol
After spending one more day in Alexandria with Annie and her roommate (by the way, he cooked the best salmon I have ever tried) we had to move on to New York City and be ready to go home. We thanked to our friendly hosts and drop on the bus at Grayhound Bus Terminal in DC and only after 4 hours we were already in NYC.

To be continued


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