Friday, 2 September 2011

The journey along the Black Sea continues to the south

Wind park near Kaliakra
Last time we stopped at Kaliakra cape - the most beautiful cape at the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea. 
Now we continue with the next destination: Kavarna, a little town situated by the sea. Two things come on my mind when talking about Kavarna - the mussel farm and the rock fest. The mussel farm is an unique place where you can receive always  fresh mussels, cooked in different ways. In addition you receive an amazing view. The rock fest in Kavarna takes place since 2000 and it's the best summer festival by the sea. For those 11 years it has hosted the most popular rock and metal bands and thousands of people have enjoyed the performances.
Going on the road we reach Balchik, another small city in the region but with beautiful gardens and places to visit. Be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours in the amazing Balchik Palace, built in 1926 by the Romanian Queen Maria. When she saw the place, she fell in love with it and wanted immidiately to have a residence at that place. Just next to the Palace is situated the fascinating Botanic Garden of Sofia University, mostly famous with its cactus collection.

The cactus section of Balchik garden
An interesting way to reach the next resort - Albena is on foot. There is a unique alley, called Dambata which connects Balchik and Albena.
The alley is almost 8 km long and besides the stunning views you can also enjoy a lunch in one of the restaurants there. Albena itself is one of the 3 most popular resorts by the Bulgarian coast and my impression is that it is the most luxury and peacefull resort.
 Only 3 km south is situated Kranevo village.  The beach of Kranevo is probably the widest by the Bulgarian coast and the sand is so fine. At the beach is located Vanilla beach bar which makes great parties during the summer.

Passing through small campings (and they're so much along the coast) we carry down Zlatni Piasatsi or more famous in English - Golden Sands, the most popular resort at the Northen Black Sea Coast. Intersting luxury hotels, restaurants and expensive bars, souvenir alley and an amazing  amusement park Aquapolis, make the tourists' holiday pleasent and exciting. It is very crowded in high season but it's full of attractions.
Monastery St. St. Constantine and Elena
The next resort is St.St. Constantine and Elena. Before 1989 it was called Druzhba and still some people that call it with its old name. I catch myself telling you that every resort is beautiful. I' m sorry but that's almost  the truth. So Constantine and Elena is again a wonderful place located in a little forest by the coast that makes you walk in the hottest weather without feeling the hotness. In the heart of the resort is located Monastery St.St. Constantine and Elena. When you enter the Monastery yard, you immidiately feel the privacy of that holy place, it seems like you're not in a luxury resort. It sends you back in the years. A holy spring with healing water is located there and people believe in its power especially for eye and skin problems.

So far we reach Varna. There is so much to be tell about the Sea capital of Bulgaria - there is the Main Bulgarian Port, a fantastic resort, third city in Bulgaria, historical place and so on and so on. I love it as my second home, I come here every summer but I'll never be tired of it. Read more about it in my virtualtourist page. Varna is great for partying because of the many clubs and restaurants on the alley by the beach. Varna is great for resting because of the amazing Sea Garden. Varna is great for cultural tourism because of the dozens festivals in the city. Enjoy Varna as long as you can.
View to Varna from Galata cape
We're going down by the cost to reach the place where the mountain cuts the sea.

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