Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Another trick of having a cheap trip

As experienced travellers we all know the reservation systems of,,, and many more others world known or local websites. And each of us checks his favorite ones when he is looking for a good offer. They are all useful and give us good prices but most of the time we have to book early to get the best deals. And sometimes I'm really pissed off when I see "only 1 room is left" and it happens more then 3 months before the journey! Of course I'll keep using them but I have discovered another option that already started working for me.

You have probably heard or even many of you have used the famous lately websites for group buying (read some tips and information about it). The first one in Bulgaria started working over one year ago and now there are more that 50 for our small country. I've bought vouchers for restaurants, massages, hairdressers, hotels, dancing lessons and so on and it saved me money. What I soon realised is that we can buy coupons from other country's deal websites and use them for our vacations. And it's actually pretty cheap. What I bought few days ago from Romanian website was weekend for two, including breakfasts and dinners, sauna, one hour riding a pony, in the Carpathians, near Brasov, in a 3 star hotel for 45 EUR which means 11.25 EUR per bed for HB! Even in a hostel there are no such prices. Then I had a look in some other European websites and many offers came up like: 65 EUR for 4 people, 2 nights in an apartment near Rijeka, in Croatia.; 20 EUR for 4 in a mountain resort in Serbia and so on. Here you can find more that 1600 websites for group shopping all over the World.

Sure, there are some inconveniences and the biggest one is that buying from another country's website means different language and we need translation. If we don't know the language, goodle translate do a great job but we have to be very careful about what the voucher includes, terms and period of use, payment ways, reservations and so on. My advice is always connect to the accommodating hotel (or villa) before buying the voucher and check for availability.

Go discover the World now!


  1. Браво, страхотна статия и попадение! Не бях се замисляла за подобни хватки!

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  3. Completely understand, everything is on my list too :)