Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Beaches and forest together - the middle part of the Black Sea coast

The temperature is 4 degrees outside but I'm thinking of the seaside. I am imagining being at the beach, the weather is hot, there are no umbrellas or anything I can hide but I have a hat and a cold beer in my hand. This is one of those deserted beaches between the rocks which are incised into the sea...and that picture reminds me to some beautiful places at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. I will continue my trip south of Varna.
Blue blue sea...
The "port" of Kanchia river just 200m far from its firth
The route is not going beside the coast beacuse of the rocks but it passes through little villages and amazing forest. The only thing is that it is very busy as this ian important way connecting the two biggest seaside cities - Varna and Burgas. We don't drive fast so that we could enjoy the journey. Our first stop is the firth of Kamchia river, this crazy river is being comforted and calmly flows into the Black Sea. Unique dense forests in the biosphere reserve in conjunction with the vast dunes of the protected area make this corner of the Black Sea coast between Varna and Burgas in a great place for relaxation and fishing. We made a little boat trip on the river from its firth to the little wild fishing village.
Hiding in the forest
Then comes Shkorpilovtsi, a little village with a wide beach and some bungalows you can hire and forget about the big city for a long time. The place is an ideal combination of natural resources. This extreme eastern hills of Stara Planina wade into the waters of the Black Sea including forests and long sandy beaches. We passed through Byala, the last city in Varna region. I've been here when I was a little girl and I have great kid memories. Next time we'll definitely stop and explore it.

A park in Obzor
Only 2 km after crossing "the border" between Varna and Burgas regions we found Obzor, which has the longest beach in Bulgaria - 8km. Now its a modern small town-resort but Obzor was built more that 3000 years ago and still keeps its remains and spirit. After 2 days enjoying the town and its beach we continued to the next destination that I loved - Emine cape. The cape deserves to be seen as it is an impressive rock that is 60m high! Still there is a working lighthouse at its end. Emine cape is the natural border between north and south part of the Bulgarian seaside. If you go there plan a little bit more time as you'd need to pass the last 5km over an awful road - it took us half an hour. I don't wanna dissuade you, you won't regret the view!
Emine cape with the Lighthouse
Passing through the mountain we reach St. Vlas resort, a sunny place with lots of hotels connected to the most popular resort at the Bulgarian coast - Sunny Beach. It might be the most popular but the worst in my opinion. Why? Beacuse of the mess and chaos around. It is full of hotels - one, two,...., up to 5 star ones, luxury and ordinary too, crowded all the time. I hate to be stepped on all the time and I usually don't go to the beach there. And also Sunny Beach has not a good fame in the last years. They say that thousands juvenile teenagers of whole Europe come here every summer because nobody stops them drinking and cause it's the cheapest famouse resort in Europe...As I said my opinion. But the beach and bay are beautiful! If you still insist on comming and see it, then you can find accomodation in the nearest city - Nesseber. They are actually connected but Nesseber is old, ancient, interesting mysterious - everything that Sunny Beach is not! It's an amazing experience to dine in a restaurant beside the sea in the old town!
Beautiful Nessebar, photo by tschinar.net
Our trip will stop here now. Well, it's almost winter now and I need to be back in the reality. But promise you soon to warm you with the next part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast trip.

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