Friday, 28 January 2011

Prague,my love - part one

Prague has always been like a dream for me - to feel its majestic power and see its ethernal beauties.
It was in January,2 years ago,when I called my friend in Nurnberg and told her :"Do you wanna meet in Prague in March?" She definitely loved the idea so we started to look for a hotel and I to search for the cheapest transport to bring me there.We found a great deal - hotel Vitkov(4*) got that promotion for 29 EUR per double room.For the end of March,only 10 min by tram from the center,it was a really good deal..
The day came,so me and my boyfriend took the bus from Sofia and started our 18 hours journey to Prague.We arrived at 5am,a little confused what to do in that hour but we managed to find tickets,got the bus and dropped our luggage in the hotel. Here we come,Pragueeeeeeee!
A view to the city
It was 7.30 when we stepped at Staromestke square,the main square in Prague. My dream came true! It was cold and windy but I was there and I didn't care for anything else at that moment.We took a coffee from the only one opened place and just enjoyed the sun,sitting next to the window and watching the beautiful square. Then we took a little walk through the narrow streets just enjoying the buildings.I have never seen so colourful facedes before!
The clock on Staromestke square
We met Stefka and Alex at 11.00 and proceeded to Hradčany,the Castle of Prague. As we choosed the south entrance,we had the opportunity to walk through the streets on the hill,leading us to the Castle. And here it came! It took us 4 hours to go around(and it was not enough at all) - St.Vinus Cathedral, Zlata ulica, Deliborka Tower,Vineyard and so on and so on. To be honest I think the most amazing of all was the view - to see the whole city - buildings,towers,beauty...
The day ended with a wonderful Czech beer. As all beer lovers know the beer must be German,Belgium or Czech. Just don't miss it.
The first place we had a beer
And then the next day came...