Thursday, 3 February 2011

Prague,my love - part two

For the second day in Prague (see my first day there) I have prepared mainly street walking program. We caught the tram to Ujezd station in Mala Strana ( Lesser town ) which is the modern and rich area in Prague. The first thing we saw was the memorial of the victims of Communism,such an awful view that only people who lived in that times could imagine it.
Several victims and a little boy
Then we walked along the street and reached a little railway station.This is where the Funicular starts from and reaches Petrin Hill.We wanted to go to the hill and enjoy the views but unfortunatelty it was in repair. I thought about walking to there but we decided that time won't be enough so we went on our way.

On our left side we saw the St.Nicholas Cathedral,where are organised some concerts and cultural events.
The street between St.Nicholas Cathedral and Karluv most

We turned right and mixed with the crowed towards Karluv most (Charles bridge) which is one of the most amazing bridges I've ever seen. There are statues along the bridge of different Saints. There are painters and art persons who sell their artworks.On the tower of the east side is situated the Museum of Charles Bridge.

We found ourselves again on Staromeske square. This time it was sunny,in the middle of the day and very crowded. People were circling around marveling the great buildings,church and clock tower. There was also a fair cause Easter was coming.We could try local food and enjoy some typical crafts.

The Easter market on Staromeske square

Our walk went on through the little streets in the Old town where it was full of cafes and people.Small stores for souvenirs and museums were on every step and don't forget the beautiful architecture. We entered the Wax museum and Sex machine museum. They deserve to be seen. 

At the end of the walk we decided to go shopping at Fashion Arena Outlet Center. It's easily reached by metro A.Drop off at its last station Depo Hostivar and then there are buses on every 30min to the Outlet Center which are absolutely free.

Tired of walking all day we spent the evening in the best bar ever - Kozicka. Beers,chicken wings,Czech specialties,friends and rock music,everything we wanted. I was surprised to see so many foreigners because the bar is not very easily found.We were looking exactly for that place,cause I have read about it and I was not disappointed at all.

The nice sunny day was over and we were looking forward to the next one - a day trip to Kutna Hora.

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