Friday, 4 February 2011

A day trip to Kutna Hora from Prague

After 2 days in Prague we have decided to visit Kutna Hora,a small town-museum close to the capital.I thought that 4 hours would be enough to spend there so we decided to go with the train at 12.00 and visit Vysehrad first.(A tip - if you can afford it,I recommend a whole day in Kutna Hora,there is plenty to see). Vysehrad is a beautiful and green place(in early April) and great for walks,going through the gate,the Rotunda. We also entered the Cathedral and the cementary. At the end of the park there is a small summer theatre and then come the views . The castle is located on a hill and there is amazing view to Vlatava river and the building roofs.
The gate

The Rotunda
The summer theatre
A view from Vysehrad
The time passed very quickly so we hurried to the train station(by the way - very nice building and well organised,easy to orientate there).The journey took us an hour but we were exploring the nature through the window so I couldn't feel how we found ourselves there.(A tip - check the schedule only for direct trains.It is only 75 km far from Prague so you don't have to travel more than one hour.)

We walked to the center(around 45min) in stead of taking a bus(only 10min) and I recommend that walk because you can see the whole town and also you don't have to miss the main attraction - Kostnice . This is an ossuary which is decorated all inside with bones and skulls,all done by the monks of the monastery that used to be located there years ago.
In the ossuary

We continued to the town center where we visited the Italian Court, the Gothic church of St.James and then just hang out around the buildings.
The Cathedral

Italian court
It was time to go back and we took the bus to the train station.

We stayed one more day in Prague just enjoying the city,its streets,shops and restaurants. Since I turned from a tourist into a traveler I understood that besides the sighseeings and the famous places we have to pay attention on the little things - talk to local people,try their food and just forgetting about your map at least for a day.

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