Tuesday, 23 August 2011

By the Black Sea

So many things could be written about the Bulgairan Black Sea coast, about its beaches, resorts and sunrises. Although the Bulgarian coast is only 354km long and although I will write only few words about different places I will need at least 4-5 articles to mention all (or almost all) the resorts and villages.
And as a lover of the North part of the Black Sea, I'm starting with the most northern part of the Bulgarian Black sea coast.
The beautiful north rocky coast
The Bulgarian- Romanian border passes through Sivriburun cape and only 7 km south of it is Durankulak village. The village is not situated exactly by the sea but 2.5 km inside in the country. Walking or drivinng that distance, you reach Cosmos camping. North of the camping is the most northern beach in Bulgaria, called Ana Maria ( it's name comes from a Greek ship, aground there in 1969). If you walk along the south beach you'll reach Krapets. It is a small village that perfectly combines sea tourism, together with hunting, fishing and eco- tourism. The village is also famous with its special fish soup.
The lighthouse at Shabla cape, photo by Laska
Between Durankulak and Krapets is situated lake Durankulak which is a protected area. In the north part of the lake there are archeological excavations proving that the first husbandmen of those lands are from 5000 year b.c. Going south you'll reach Shabla, a Bulgarian town situated on the main road, 8 km west from Shabla cape. There, on the cape you can see the oldest still active lighthouse on the Balkans. Many vessels have sunken in the sea around Shabla in the World War II. This is one of the reasons the place to be preferred destination for underwater tourism.

The next stop is Tyulenovo, a village with amazing nature. Presence of seals was noticed during the 40-s of the last century. It is a good place for them because of the combination of caves, low level rocks and winds. That is why the village is called Tyulenovo (a place for seals). Unfortunately those seals have already dissapeared from there. Tyulenovo is ideal for diving, rock climbing and camping. Only 5 km south from Tyulenovo is located the village of Kamen Bryag. As Tyulenovo is, Kamen bryag is also around beautiful rocks. On first of July, every year people celebrate July Morning. This tradition comes from the hippy era in the 1980s, that has started in Varna. People from the whole the country come to the Black Sea coast (Kamen briag is prefered placefor this) to meet the sunrising. The name of the celebration is connected with the song of  Uriah Heep "July Morning". Near Kamen briag is located Yailata- a region that represents archaeological preserve. This is seaside terrace area separated from the sea of ​​rocks 50-60 m in height. In the area there are plenty of rock caves that in the past have been used as monasteries.
Kamen briag, meaning "Stone coast"

Not very popular but prefered by people who really want to rest is Rusalka resort. It is calm and peaceful resort and not crowded at all. There you could see remains of Byzantine fortress- Tauk liman.

Our last stop of this article is Kaliakra cape, long and narrow. The coast is with steep cliffs about 70 m high.
Kaliakra cape
A legend tells for 40 Bulgarian girls who tied their hair together and jumped into the Black Sea instead of being captured by the Ottomans. The name of the most enthusiastic girl was Kaliakra. There is a monument  in front of the fortress, called The Gate of the 40 Maidens.
Being there and feeling the wind makes you feel the freedom.

An interesting trip around the North coast of the Bulgarian Black Sea has made Laska, read in her blog.
Next stop - Varna and its surroundings.

Sources: my impressions and knowledge and wikipedia.


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