Monday, 29 August 2011

Time to say "Goodbye"

USA.SC.North Myrtle Beach.Work and Travel Program.20 y.o. girl.Great experience.(The beginning)

One of the last sunrises we saw in Myrtle
The summer was going great, things were happening - good and bad. People were coming to our lives and then were going away.
September was not so busy in the restaurant, half of the waiters had already left but the rest of us didn't have too much work and we started to think of leaving too. Vessy and I booked our flights for October,12. We planned to visit a friend in Washington DC first for a week and then to spend the last 2 days before going back home, in New York.
Many of our roommates had left too and up to the end of September we were only 4-5 people in the house.

Donyo and Asya went back to Bulgaria in the middle of the month and I remember what a great goodbye party we did, this time was not at home but in a striptease club. To be honest it was the same for me - striptease or not but the guys liked it and it was fun. Chris (one of our managers in the restaurant) made the security guard let me in but of course I was not allowed to drink (it's not that I didn't ). Anyway, the night was really cool, we moved then to another bar and we came back home in the morning.
The last 2 weeks were sad. The summer was over, people were gone, even the weather was not warm and it was not good time for the beach. North Myrtle Beach was almost empty and tourists were gone too. We were spending most of our days at Ryan's house and around the pool.

Few days before we leave we contacted our landlord and made an appointment with her for our last day to come and check the house and give us part of our rental deposit. She had $ 750 and we wanted only $300 back. But she didn't show up and we couldn't find her - not at her home, not by the phone. Even her relative that was living next to our apartament said he didn't know where she was. We were kind of pisses off and I wrote her a note telling her that she had been too unkind with us and I enumerated all the defects that we left in the house. They weren't much but I tried to describe them as they were very big. I'm sure she must have been really angry especially when she had read the last sentence: "Thanks for the party house, we'll recommend it ro our friends. With love: Your Kids". She deserved that attitude for being rude to us and not showing up on our appointment.

The day came and Ryan took us to the bus station where we took a bus to Washington. It was hard to say goodbye but we  had to. I was excited about our trip, I was excited about going home and see my friends and family but I was sad for leaving that place, for leaving that summer. I knew that part of me left there.

To be continued

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